Friday, January 16, 2009

Dampening and Clipping

Tacked up the steering dampner mount and slid on some tabs to act as gussets, I'll finish weld it after the fairing comes off for the 64th time. Tacked up the bars to the clamps and sat on it to determine the comfortable angle, then swung it back and forth with the clutch lever on it to make sure nothing hits and there was enough clearance for my hands. There is alot of rules in the rule book in regards to handlebars, how far outside of the fork tubes the bars can go has a minimum and a maximum, your thumbs must be 10" apart with your hands on the bars, the maximum angle the wheel can travel side to side from the wheel centerline is 15 degrees per side, your hands must not hit the tank before you hit fork stops. All this must be factored in as well as the travel of the steering dampner, because the dampner cannot act as a fork stop. Triumph fork stops are integrated into the lower tree on the trees I'm using so I small made piece of plate that mimics the contour of the stock tree that I'll weld on. Basically, It makes the lower tree 9/16 prouder in the right spots to stop fork travel where it needs to--with all that other rule stuff factored in. It was a head scratcher but Im doing it for the love!!

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