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Heres some random pics I took

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dyno Time

This was one nice Norton, notice that it is sitting on a mobile dyno. These guys brought it out to help tune their bike without having to do some runs to figure out jetting. They ended up giving up when the werent running 160mph or something-the guy remarked "Lets go back to the dirt (EL Mirage) where it's easy". We put Wes' bike on that dyno as well, it sure was cool seeing his old ass bike on something technical like a compuetrized mobile dyno in the middle of the pits at Bonneville.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amal in the dark

We took the carburetor off this bike at 5:30am by flashlight when no one was on the salt yet. Had it on Wes' bike while waiting in the staging lanes- carb cleaner is cold on your hands that early in the morning!! It sure was cool cannibalizing a nice art bike to get a vintage racer to run on the salt...Thank you Kimura-san

El Bigotes Cub

Distict different look with the taller tires, but looks awesome and would be a cool street machine in this form.

Roosevelt Lackey

That would be awesome if more people were named Roosevelt. Lackey is still running at the lakes at 70 years old.. now he's on an MV Agusta production sportbike running upwards of 190mph
Lurch:"Man, Im just not going fast enough"
Jim:"Tip the can some more"
"I'm already running 100%"said Lurch
Jim:"aww shit man looks like you need to add another motor"

Me like drag racing!

Dig the crosseyed guy in the background, too many nitro fumes. Also check out the greaser with his killer cuffed pants and scarf!! Motorcycle racing takes all kinds

Chuck Taylors

Its amazing how the safety regulations have changed over the years. I guess they have to change with the bikes themselves, it still amazes me to see how crazy some of this guys were. From Rollie Free to this guy wearing chucks on the drag strip, to modern day top fueler harley guys wearing kevlar vests, I guess its a sign of the times.

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Ready you ask? It's all up to L.A. Sleeve.

A photo to show Dale or Tom at tuesdays  meeting. I need to know if fairing looks legal for partial streamlining. Windscreen may need trimmed more for helmet. L.A. Sleeve is now going on seven weeks and their third try to sleeve my Cub cylinder. I highly recommend them of course. 

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Knuckle Sandwich

Knucklehead powered streamlined roadster I believe..If you look close you can see what looks like a quick change, and the drive chain runs right into the ring gear which I assume had a sprocket welded or bolted on. Linkert carb, moon tank, butterfly dragster type wheel, push start simplicity!! This is hot rodding!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lil Wayne 947

I only wish I had a copy of his impromptu raps while sitting on it, he freestyled about the bars and how he liked all the wires and shit. Too bad he couldnt give some sponsorship money. YEEEEEAH NINJAS!!*this is not photoshopped and it should be in the liner notes of lil weezys aka young tombs new album Re-birth where he has REAL guitars and REAL drums actually playing!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Its Flamingo time

The paint on this bike is so amazing. I just cant tell if its a joke or not, either way it rules-- instead of a skull with tibal flames how awesome is a flamingo with roses?!?!

750cc APS-PBF

Special Construction Partially Stramlined-Pushrod Blown Fuel. 750 Triumph looks amazing just sitting there


How badass is this!?!!?! There is a pre-unit "STYLE" case in there, but thats about all I see in relation to anything that even LOOKs like a factory triumph motor....

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Long Beach 06

Heres some pics I took at the Long Beach Motorcycle show in 2006 or 2007. Some cool bikes there-AEE harleys and the worlds fastest motorcycle at the time...

Triumph Twin Drag Ruler

This is a pic of Boris Murray and his twin engined 750 Triumph running at Lions. Boris was the pilot of both Manning streamliners that are shown on the blog at little earlier in the month.
It consistently ran over 170 mph in the 8-second zone with two carbureted Triumph fuel motors, high gear only, with a 4 inch wide M&H racing slick.He raced, and beat, the likes of Joe Smith, Ray Price, Sonny Routt, Bonny Truitt, Leo Payne, Dave Campos, Russ Collins, etc.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ive been looking for a Freedom

Happy Independence Day!! Have on burger and a beer and remember we still live in the greatest place on earth.
Take it from David Hasselhoff and his badass light up jacket!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The man behing the ez-hook kawasaki streamliner!!! Humble beginings for sure....from 98mph in this contraption to 350mph in the other contraption.
Here is an excerpt from motorcycleusa explaining the details of Sam Wheelers first streamliner---
His first machine, the Electoral Conduit Special as Sam referred to it, utilized a Bultaco 125cc engine which went 95 mph in 1963. This early streamliner was shaped like a bullet and as the name implies, utilized lightweight conduit tubing as the material of choice throughout the chassis. Sparing no expense, Sam purchased the tapered nose cone and a spare from a surplus store for two dollars. This fiberglass cone was merely protective covering for a metal nose cone and was a throwaway item. A sheet metal “skin” surrounded the tubular chassis encapsulating the driver and his controls, minimizing aerodynamic drag.

The little guys

I subscribe to the cliche "theres no substitute for cubic inches", riding in a blown big block powered bantam kind of forces you to believe this.... But, after bench racing with Chuck- I realized its just as cool trying to make something with no displacement go fast as hell too. Here is a collection of pics of 50cc rockets 1956-2003


After breaking my ankle pretty severly a couple weeks ago, I realized how hard it was to get around on crutches and how downright boring it is laying around waiting for the healing process to begin. I've never broken a bone before so its new territory for me, and I have newfound respect for people who have to deal with it everyday of their lives. Here is a pic of double amputee Carig Anderson "Peg Leg Craig". He lost both legs above the knee in a "work related accident" but that dosent stop him from flying down the salt in his record holding streamlined sidecar rig. He holds the AMA record at 168.333mph and his best one way average is 177mph. Handicapped?? I think not!!!!


Hers is a pic of a Royal Enfield that runs at Bub. Good looking bike, from what research I found, theyre running 12.5:1 compression, Kibblewhite valves, Amal Gp carb, and a nx nitrous kit. 500cc single thumper that probably sounds pretty killer on the bottle- Its definately bitchin to see different stuff like this at the lakes, even if it is at the Bub event.....