Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ready you ask? It's all up to L.A. Sleeve.

A photo to show Dale or Tom at tuesdays  meeting. I need to know if fairing looks legal for partial streamlining. Windscreen may need trimmed more for helmet. L.A. Sleeve is now going on seven weeks and their third try to sleeve my Cub cylinder. I highly recommend them of course. 


  1. It looks 100mph, so does the beard!!!

  2. I just discovered you and your T20....I was at the Salt in 2009 but missed you. I spent quite some time with Tom Moeller and his Trident behind the Rolls. Now building a T20 to try and compete in the modified 250cc pushrod class. I notice you used the same big-end roller bearing that I have. I am building the chasis with 21" rims and narrow tires. I really like your tank but will stay stock until I know if I can get close to the record. I think losing a few pounds will help more. I'll be at BUB in August. You?