Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The man behing the ez-hook kawasaki streamliner!!! Humble beginings for sure....from 98mph in this contraption to 350mph in the other contraption.
Here is an excerpt from motorcycleusa explaining the details of Sam Wheelers first streamliner---
His first machine, the Electoral Conduit Special as Sam referred to it, utilized a Bultaco 125cc engine which went 95 mph in 1963. This early streamliner was shaped like a bullet and as the name implies, utilized lightweight conduit tubing as the material of choice throughout the chassis. Sparing no expense, Sam purchased the tapered nose cone and a spare from a surplus store for two dollars. This fiberglass cone was merely protective covering for a metal nose cone and was a throwaway item. A sheet metal “skin” surrounded the tubular chassis encapsulating the driver and his controls, minimizing aerodynamic drag.

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