Thursday, July 9, 2009

Triumph Twin Drag Ruler

This is a pic of Boris Murray and his twin engined 750 Triumph running at Lions. Boris was the pilot of both Manning streamliners that are shown on the blog at little earlier in the month.
It consistently ran over 170 mph in the 8-second zone with two carbureted Triumph fuel motors, high gear only, with a 4 inch wide M&H racing slick.He raced, and beat, the likes of Joe Smith, Ray Price, Sonny Routt, Bonny Truitt, Leo Payne, Dave Campos, Russ Collins, etc.


  1. hey man hows your ankle holding up?

  2. Hey Paul, I cant put weight on it, but the docs are suprised at how fast its healing. No cast, so I should be walking in two weeks putting 50% weight on it..Later

  3. jebus! well it's good to hear you're getting better!