Wednesday, July 1, 2009


After breaking my ankle pretty severly a couple weeks ago, I realized how hard it was to get around on crutches and how downright boring it is laying around waiting for the healing process to begin. I've never broken a bone before so its new territory for me, and I have newfound respect for people who have to deal with it everyday of their lives. Here is a pic of double amputee Carig Anderson "Peg Leg Craig". He lost both legs above the knee in a "work related accident" but that dosent stop him from flying down the salt in his record holding streamlined sidecar rig. He holds the AMA record at 168.333mph and his best one way average is 177mph. Handicapped?? I think not!!!!

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  1. There was a paraplegic guy who rode at Portland (OR) International Raceway in the early '80s. Don't recall his name. The roadracing club let him parade-lap between heats on his CBX on which he installed electrically-retractable "landing gear" on the outside cylinders. I'm not making this up. I watched him in the back section and he pushed it hard, the wobble was frightening. He was basically strapped on the bike, which had toe-clips taken from a bicycle, and a hand shifter on the tank. Friends helped him mount it. He retracted the outrigger wheels as soon as he got it moving off the line.