Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where is this bike?

Sold by Joe in So-Cal to unknown guys in Nor-Cal. WHERE IS IT?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


A good time was had at ElMirage. With my bike broken I crewed for Dale Martin. He was running his 175cc Cub in partial streamlining. Same fairing I got. Went 79 on a 77mph min. open record.Very windy day, he feels that combo should do about 90. Congrats Dale! Thats one more record in the book. I cracked my cylinder sleeve up at the top. Back to the drawing board, will get it fixed and try for next month. I snoozed and didn't get a shot of Dale but later did snap this 650 Triumph waiting in line. That scoop is for his ram air set up. The box in the tail he runs his breather into with a one way valve. Air can leave the crankcase but not go back in. Supposed to help. I also run a one way check valve in my beather. Said bike has gone 121 mph "on his own dry lake" I'm not sure what that means. Still fast. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

In the spirit of mothers day, here is a little excerpt on one the the raddest moms on the salt.. Laura Klock
What does a mother of two teenage daughters do instead of fighting about clothes, unsuitable boyfriends and school, she puts them on motorcycles and teaches them how to break Bonneville National Land Speed Records.

Laura Klock is the speed mom who set another new record of 153.9 mph on her custon HD cruiser which is know as the “World’s Fastest Bagger”. Daughters Erika,18, and Karlee,14, both had impressive runs of their own, posting new records of 132 mph and 110 mph respectively.

This mother/daughter/daughter trio was the first in history to hold Bonneville National Land Speed Records in the same year. Making it even more impressive is the fact that Karlee just received her driver’s license in her home state of South Dakota.
All class records are determined by bike size not the riders’ gender. Laura and Erica Klock were previously acknowledged as the first mother and daughter riders to set national land speed records and have now added younger daughter Karlee to that record.

To the Moon!!!!

I like the intake on the side and the guys killer helmet, I dont believe this would pass tech nowadays. Adding bulkheads and "firewalls" would defeat the purpose

Monday, May 4, 2009


Go to Utah

Here is another normal sight at the lakes


This is normal on the salt... I love my 200 dollar camera