Thursday, April 9, 2009

From Swingarm to Rigid

Wes hooked me up with a rigid pre-unit tranny for the lakes bike, and after some loose mock-up we were'nt satisfied with the mounts. The rigid top mount is prone to breaking and I didnt want it to come apart at 400mph hehe--so I was gonna add another bung to strengthen it up. We pulled out a swingarm case and after inspection it was the way to go. It has a serious mount on the bottom and top so it would hold together with my speedy shifting. He pulled out some swingarm plates and after some massaging we had a swingarm tranny in a rigid frame.I am going to make the plates out of aluminum for "race" sake- and Im toying with the idea of making front/rear one piece. Heres a pic, stay tuned

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  1. Hey Chris, happy to see the bike is coming along. Looks good. I will need to make (or buy) a rear stand also. With fairing my old kick stand will not work.