Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yes, the much anticipated 5 Years on the Great White Dyno Commemorative Teeshirt is HERE and ready to ship. We use the money we get from selling these shirts to help fund our BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS racing addiction. Get them while they are HOT and in stock. Sizes are going quickly and we always sell out so don't hesitate, send a PAYPAL payment of $20 per shirt to or if you are overseas, send $26. PLEASE make sure you tell me what size you need. Don't forget to buy one for your favorite GIRL!! Trust me she is gonna want one. For you young guys, a little word of advice from the old man (42 this year!), even if she says she does not want one, BUY IT ANYWAY!!


  1. hey ...matt here is sure 6 bucks is enough for postage??? you still have a small and a large available????

    could you let me know so i can buy a couple..

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  3. I love such a zeal. Every rider should embrace this and take pride in all that concerns their biking sprees. I think I now should have my Street Bike Exhaust also in print and many walk in an attire showing of the same..

  4. When I first began racing a couple years ago I thought the "free tech t-shirts" were awesome! They were a badge of honor for me to wear at the gym while training.

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